We align our values with the way we work.

Collaborative, Dedicated and Diverse

Our office culture is our hard work and dedication to our clients. We believe in good design, and we strive to create a collaborative office environment that allows everyone on a project team to provide input into the project.

We are diverse and inclusive, holding space for all voices to be heard and all ideas to be shared. We believe in true collaboration and see the value of listening to others.

We believe in celebrating our wins. We do this through a variety of social activities as an office. Our social committee organizes regular events that allow our team the chance to relax, unwind and connect outside of the office.

“I enjoy participating in a variety of projects across diverse sectors throughout Western Canada. The work environment is dynamic and fast-paced, reflecting a commitment to nurturing a strong work-life balance that considers the prioritization of family and personal commitments.”

Dustin Braun


Our Team

Our team is responsive, creative and connected. Their values align with our values as a company, allowing for a seamless workflow that translates externally to our partners and community. Everyone brings their own set of unique strengths to the table so that – together – we are an unstoppable force.

Charity Hockey Game – Saskatoon, SK

Victoria Hospital Foundation – Prince Albert, SK

Ronald McDonald House – Saskatoon, SK

Giving back to our community

Giving back is a part of who we are. We care about staying actively involved in making our community stronger.

aodbt fosters a community-focused company culture, deeply ingrained in our business practices. Our team members actively participate in local communities, dedicated to giving back through services to not-for-profit organizations, donations to charitable causes, and active involvement in community events. Our staff members volunteer for various organizations, community councils, and recreational activities, reinforcing our connections within the communities we serve.

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