220 Wall Street Commercial Office Building

PIC Investment Group Inc.
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The architecture of this three-storey office building conveys to the client’s design direction of “efficient differentiation”. aodbt’s response to the client’s design request was a simple, elegant design of black brick, glazing, and accent lighting. The intent is a timeless building that will not be “dated” overtime. There is a ‘younger’ aesthetic via the use of exposed materials such as steel, brick, exposed concrete block, galvanized metal, exposed concrete floors, and perforated shading and cladding systems. The historic warehouse context was reflected in the proportion, scale, massing, and window sizes of the building. In keeping with the history of the site, the ground floor of the building and the parking off the lane conserve and reinterpret the history of the site. The retail and extensive glazing at the ground floor add activity at street level and assist in the urban renewal the City of Saskatoon’s Planning Guidelines are working to implement in the area. This project has achieved LEED Gold Certification.