All Nations’ Healing Hospital

Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region
Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan

Opened in 2004, the All Nations’ Healing Hospital was designed to replace the old Fort Qu’Appelle Indian Hospital. The design team at aodbt and the First Nations architect Patrick Stewart worked closely with the hospital medical professionals and local First Nations leaders to program and designed a facility that addressed the specific needs of the community. The spirit of collaboration amongst all parties was one of the most important aspects of the project and greatly influenced the final design. The shape of the building, designed in plan to resemble a bird, and the materials used on the interior and exterior were inspired by the local landscape and aspects of First Nation culture. The building is designed in a circular shape, paying reference to the importance of the circle in First Nations culture with interior rooms encircling a central landscaped courtyard with provisions for a teepee circle and naturalistic water features and landscaping to handle the storm water.