Dakota Dunes Resort

Whitecap Dakota First Nation
Whitecap Dakota First Nation, Saskatchewan

Dakota Dunes Resort is a tribute to nature and the Whitecap Dakota First Nation through its angular window trims and exterior wood panels echoing the traditional tipi. The design is inspired by four elements significant to WDFN’s culture: fire, water, land, and air.

Upon entry, guests are welcomed into the first experience of the Fire element. The lobby features two fireplaces offering a warm environment, a textured wall signifying the earth cracked by fire, and the black carpet of the smoke escaping from it.

In the corridor connecting the lobby to the bar, restaurant, and conference centre, guests travel through the Water theme. The space brings out the dark emerald tone of the water with a canoe, river rocks, and sparkling clear pendants hanging over the ceiling—representing the glistening water of the Saskatchewan River and raindrops.

The Land theme is showcased throughout the bar and restaurant. The shapes of the rooms and spaces are organic and angular, featuring colours, materials, and graphics expressing the importance of the earth to Indigenous culture and the rich history of cattle, horse, and bison to the WDFN people.

The resort has 155 rooms located on five floors with an indoor rooftop pool and a fitness centre. The Air theme is signified throughout each guest floor and bedroom design.

Materials characterizing the horizon line and rich textures of the sky, graphic patterns representing cultural elements, and floor-to-ceiling windows connecting guests to spectacular views of pristine landscapes are critical components reminiscent of wind, dreams, and light.

In association with LEMAYMICHAUD Architecture Design.

Photos: King Rose Visuals / Ingrid Misner