Dakota Dunes Resort Hotel

Whitecap Dakota First Nation
Whitecap Dakota First Nation, Saskatchewan

aodbt architecture + interior design in association with LEMAYMICHAUD Architecture Design has been working with the Whitecap Dakota First Nation on the design and development of the $38 million Dakota Dunes Resort Hotel adjacent to the Dakota Dunes Casino. Combing comfort and unique culture experiences, the hotel features Indigenous themes and showcases them to guests and visitors. This 155 room hotel rises from the natural landscape of the soft rolling dunes which are home to Whitecap Dakota First Nation.

The overall design concept for the hotel explores the themes of Fire, Water, Land and Air and the importance of each of these themes in Indigenous culture. Nicole and her team worked closely with a local Indigenous graphic artist to create strong graphics that include the importance of the horse and bison, graphics that play off the topography of the area and elements found in local beading patterns.