Diamond North Credit Union Prince Albert Branch Renovation


Diamond North Credit Union
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Once built as a typical commercial strip mall, the 6,200 square foot Diamond North Credit Union building was transformed into an open, transparent, modern, and comfortable space for its staff and members.

For interior spaces, the design intent was to open up the teller desks and entrance to create the feeling of a grand banking hall. This was done by exposing the existing ceiling structure and using objects such as the teller desks, bench seating, and plantings to divide the space and create intuitive circulation. The client-accessible public offices open up into the space for meetings while the more controlled spaces such as boardroom, staffroom, and washrooms are beyond control points. Finishes and design features were selected to enhance Diamond North Credit Union’s branding strategy, incorporating shades of blue, faceted glazed office partitions, and the use of natural wood throughout the banking hall to reference the branch’s northern location.

Diamond North Credit Union has a mandate to incorporate its corporate branding imagery into the exterior of its branches. The outdated exterior brick and metal cladding were replaced with panels that incorporate the “diamond facets”, turning the small nondescript strip mall into an eye-catching box. Specific panels were perforated to further enhance the faceted theme and to provide privacy, solar shading, and security to meeting rooms, staff rooms, and offices.

The bright, open concept design allows for natural light to flow through all workspaces as well as for a more open and personalized experience between staff and members.

Photos: King Rose Visuals