Humboldt Electric Corporate Headquarters

Humboldt Electric
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The design intent of Humboldt Electric’s new Corporate Headquarters was to accommodate all building uses and offer a modern aesthetic while also maintaining a value conscious approach. The building incorporates a variety of components, including client/reception space, office and administration services, staff amenity space, and a warehouse component. With up to 150 employees in peak seasons and over 20 trucks operating throughout the province, it was important to marry the industrial and administration functions to ensure adequate space allocations for both. As such, the floorplan developed allows for maximum user group flow while also allocating a clear division between client-centred space, staff administration areas, and the warehouse. As an electrical contracting firm, the design intent of the space was to make electrical components a focus throughout the building. New technologies and focal pieces were also utilized to demonstrate Humboldt Electric’s relevance in the industry.