LutherCare Village at Stonebridge

LutherCare Communities + Meridian Development
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

aodbt is currently working with Meridian Developments and LutherCare Communities to develop a mixed-use inter-generational commercial and residential community that uses an approach based on the principles of hospitality design. The objective for this project is to develop an energetic community that will support a variety of uses, functioning as a whole community within Stonebridge. The community will include retail space, rental lofts, a public library, condominiums, an intermediate care home, and a host of amenity spaces for residents which provide a resort like environment. LutherCare strives to create a user-centred experience; the Village and the facility design are focused around creating a classic, welcoming and transitional “modern lodge” with a high level of interior finishes, materials, and lighting. Amenity areas include a concierge and reception area, Breakfast Room, Dining Room, Piano Lounge, Bar, Fitness Facility, Theatre Space, Golf Simulator and Activity/Meeting spaces. The space reflects a modern lodge setting that is filled with rich, warm, timeless materials such as natural stone, wood, decorative glass and metals.