Malhotra NICU for the North

Saskatchewan Health Authority
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

The new Malhotra NICU for the North in the Victoria Hospita will deliver perinatal care under a single-room maternity care (SRMC) model. The model focuses on supporting families by allowing one assigned room or space for them and their newborn. This room is assigned from the time of admittance to the NICU to the end of the stay. Other functional programming spaces of the unit include a welcoming lobby, clean and soiled rooms, pharmacy space, a dedicated formula prep space, staff support spaces, nourishment spaces for families, and nursing stations for staff. aodbt worked closely with the clinical care team, as well as the infection control and management team from the Saskatchewan Health Authority to address all needs for the new unit.

The NICU includes the renovation of 415 sq.m. over two floors of the Victoria Hospital. The project includes the conversion of a former shipping and receiving area to accommodate the new use and the demolition of existing walls to better utilize the space to allow for more open-plan areas. The design intent is to incorporate natural light, soothing colours, and imagery of nature to create a comforting environment for new parents, families, and babies.

In association with Kirsten Reite Architecture.

Photos: King Rose Visuals