Prince Albert Provincial Correctional Centre New Living Unit


Government of Canada + Ministry of Central Service
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

The New Living Unit at the Prince Albert Provincial Correctional Centre (PAPCC) is modelled on a design concept recently constructed for women at the Pine Grove Correctional Centre in Prince Albert. Double the size of the new Living Unit at Prince Grove Correctional Centre, the New Living Unit at PAPCC is designed to accommodate up to 144 men in double bunked cells, using a combination of steel and poured concrete walls. The two storey building is clad in brick and metal and includes four separate units, each with a separate outdoor exercise room. The central control room is located at the centre of the building, with good visibility into each of the four units, allowing staff to provide direct supervision in each unit. The new building also includes a Video Court area, complete with five holding cells and five video court rooms. This project is targeting LEED Silver Certification.