Private Residence

Maison Fine Homes and Interior Design
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

This project was developed in association with Maison Fine Homes and Interior Design. This new home, nested in the heart of one of Saskatoon’s oldest neighbourhoods, features a modern aesthetic that pays respect to the history and character of its surroundings. The floor plan is organized around a grand stair and atrium space. The stair is located in the centre of the home and leads to a spiritual space surrounded by 360 degrees of clerestory glazing. As the heart of the home, the atrium is the focal point of the design and was the driving force behind both the exterior and interior design elements. With a client seeking a modern aesthetic, the challenge was to create an exterior façade that was contemporary while maintaining the massing and scale of existing homes in the area. It was important that the design find the right balance between modern and classic styles. The use of high end exterior finishes pay tribute to the classic elements in the neighbourhood.