WSP Office Building

WSP Canada (Formerly Genivar)
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The design concept behind the new WSP Group (formerly Genivar) office building looks to represent the scale of the adjacent residential neighbourhood of Stonebridge and explores ways of eternalizing the work of the building’s users. The building was designed to increase energy efficiency and help raising the landscape at the street’s edge to highlight and dramatize the entry. Large “living room” style windows outline the staff workstations, allowing for natural light and view for all staff members. Perforated cladding reveals structural elements, and projected window boxes act as apertures to let light in and expose the large workspace and daily activities of its industrious occupants. The studio space is open-concept in its design, helping to increase interconnectivity and build new collaboration methods, and is separated from the main entrance and client areas. A large staff room on the second floor provides a gathering space for employees, and gives them an opportunity to step away from their cubicles and relax together.