Saskatoon, SK

Aspira Hunter Village

Project Details


$36 Million




54,131 sq. ft.


Architecture, Interior Design

Aspira Hunter Village (formerly The LutherCare Village at Stonebridge) is a mixed‐use, intergenerational development that uses an approach based on the principles of hospitality design. The intent of this development was to develop an energetic community that would support a variety of uses, functioning as a whole community within a neighbourhood.

The design of the Village was based on the notion of “continuum of living” and focused around creating a classic, welcoming and transitional “modern lodge” with a high level of interior finishes, materials, and lighting. The concept encourages seniors to move throughout various stages of their lives without leaving the community that they call home. Aging in place maintains a familiar environment for seniors to prevent drastic changes at critical points in their lives and fosters community continuity.

With the goal to provide a “campus of care”, the Village includes a 159-suite independent seniors living condominiums, a 27-bedroom intermediate care home for those residents unable to live independently, commercial retail space, a public library, a concierge/reception area, dining and lounge areas, a fitness facility, theatre space, golf simulator space, multi-purpose rooms, and a chapel. Future expansion also includes a childcare facility. The “modern lodge” interior concept is based on hospitality design principles and layers multiple textures of materials and colours to create a warm home-like atmosphere that is modern yet inviting.

Aspira Hunter Village, formerly known as The LutherCare Village at Stonebridge, is a vibrant, mixed-use, intergenerational development that embodies the principles of hospitality design. The primary goal of this project was to create a dynamic community that could serve diverse purposes, effectively functioning as a complete neighbourhood within itself.

The architectural concept of the Village was centred on the idea of a “continuum of living,” which focused on creating a timeless, welcoming, and contemporary “modern lodge” atmosphere. This design philosophy empowers seniors to transition seamlessly through different life stages while remaining in the familiar surroundings they call home. The concept of aging in place ensures that seniors can avoid significant disruptions during critical life transitions, promoting the continuity of a strong community bond.

To achieve the vision of a comprehensive “campus of care,” the Village boasts a range of facilities, including 159 independent seniors living condominiums, a 27-bedroom intermediate care home for residents needing additional assistance, commercial retail spaces, a welcoming concierge/reception area, inviting dining and lounge areas, a theater space, a golf simulator area, versatile multi-purpose rooms, and a chapel, a public library, and a fully-equipped fitness facility. Additionally, there are plans for future expansion to incorporate a childcare facility.

The interior design of this “modern lodge” is grounded in the principles of hospitality design. It blends various textures, materials, and colours to create an inviting, home-like atmosphere.

Awards and Publications

  • Premier’s Awards of Excellence in Design, Award of Excellence (2017)