Saskatoon, SK

City of Saskatoon Fire Station No. 3

Project Details


$4.3 Million




6,921 sq. ft.


Prime Consulting, Architecture, Interior Design, Construction Contract Administration, Sustainability Consulting

The City of Saskatoon’s innovative Fire Station No. 3 is a two-story, cutting-edge facility designed not only to enhance response times within the community but also to provide versatile community space. Situated in a well-established residential neighborhood, the fire station was carefully planned to seamlessly blend with the existing streetscape.

Despite the constraints of a small site comprising just two residential lots, the building is incredibly space-efficient. Each section of the new fire station is strategically laid out to optimize visual connections. This thoughtful design includes individual dorm rooms and restroom facilities for firefighters and staff, accommodating a diverse and evolving workforce. In response to the Saskatoon Fire Department’s specific needs, the design also prioritizes a drying room over the traditional hose drying tower for hoses and duty gear.

The Fire Station No. 3 is committed to sustainability and is equipped to harness solar energy. The building envelope incorporates innovative low-conductivity fiberglass cladding mounting clips, reducing thermal bridging and significantly improving exterior wall thermal resistance. The station’s stormwater management system is intricately connected to the neighbourhood’s stormwater system, and its mechanical systems feature high-efficiency boiler and variable refrigerant cooling and heating systems, as well as in-floor and overhead radiant heating. Most systems are designed to be controlled via packaged controllers with interfaces via BacNet to a central Building Control System, emphasizing ease of maintenance and minimizing the need for custom building control algorithms.