Yorkton, SK

Deer Park Clubhouse

Project Details


$6 Million


June 2023


7,965 sq.ft.


Prime Consulting, Architecture, Interior Design, Construction Contract Administration

Perched atop a natural escarpment, the new Deer Park Clubhouse is designed to complement the natural vistas and blend into the surroundings with a simple single-storey form and earthy materiality. The building elegantly interacts with the ground, and the simple rooflines with horizontal emphasis express the prairie style. The materiality further embodies the local vernacular with the use of galvalume cladding which represents the agricultural roots of Yorkton. The reflective material responds to the surrounding light conditions—integrating the Clubhouse into the natural surroundings.

The Clubhouse features an open floor plan with programmatic elements distributed along a public lobby with strategic views from the proshop prioritized while the dining hall is positioned to maximize the surrounding sceneries. Connection to nature is prioritized in the design with numerous windows and indoor, semi-conditioned, and full outdoor spaces provided. These spaces are designed to be comfortable in all seasons and weather conditions. The connection to the outdoors is reinforced throughout the interior with an emphasis on natural materials and an earthy colour palette.

The Clubhouse is not only designed to serve golfers; it is intended to serve as a community amenity to be utilized all four seasons. During the winter months, the golf course is a hub for activity, attracting cross-country skiers and tobogganers.

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King Rose Visuals

Awards and Publications

  • Premier’s Awards of Excellence in Design, Honourable Mention (Architecture Category) (2023)

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