Prince Albert, SK

École St. Anne

Project Details


$12 Million


April 2011


42,517 sq.ft.


Prime Consulting, Architecture, Interior Design, Construction Contract Administration, Sustainability Consulting

École St. Anne School is a Kindergarten to grade 8 dual track school that is designed for 400 students and a 25-space childcare centre.

The two-storey building design offers more site area for the students. To address the concerns related to student safety and supervision, our design team placed the stairways into the corridors. This opened up the space to provide better visibility from the building’s central core, allowing the majority of the school to be monitored from the reception desk, resolving concerns about supervision, especially in hidden stairwells.

Designed with flexibility in mind, the building can be partitioned so the gymnasium, multi-purpose/servery area, library, and daycare centre can be accessed without requiring access to the rest of the school.

The school is located adjacent to the Westhill Community Centre. The two facilities enhance each other by providing a central education, recreation, and cultural centre to meet the community’s needs.

École St. Anne School is one of the first in the province to achieve LEED Silver certification. The school uses hot water to heat the spaces with radiant panels and ventilates with 100% outdoor air from VAV boxes driven by occupancy sensors. The lighting is also controlled by occupancy and daylight sensing. A beneficial design feature of the building is the use of a solar wall to pre-heat ventilation air to the gymnasium, which had a large, empty south-facing wall. With efficient boilers, demand control ventilation, solar wall savings, and efficient lighting systems, the building model was reviewed to be 52% better than MNECB with respect to cost, equivalent to 7 points for EAc1.