Saskatoon, SK

HAMM Construction Office Building and Warehouse

Project Details


$2.3 Million




26,097 sq. ft.


Prime Consulting, Architecture, Interior Design, Construction Contract Administration

HAMM Construction operates a large fleet of trucks, backhoes, bobcats, scrapers, and a wide variety of other specialized excavating equipment to complete sewer and water servicing installations for municipalities throughout Saskatchewan.

HAMM Construction first approached aodbt in 2004 to design a functional and cost-effective facility that could meet HAMM Construction’s long-term operation requirements. Quality, durability, and flexibility for future expansion and growth were key design considerations. The facility houses administration office space and a maintenance area for washing, maintaining, servicing, and painting a wide variety of equipment.

Currently, aodbt is working with HAMM Construction to add 7,880 sq.ft. of additional spaces to its existing building. The project includes additional offices, a meeting/bidding room, a photocopy room, and a coffee bar.

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