Saskatoon, SK

Hospice at Glengarda

Project Details


$6.4 Million




18,513 sq. ft.


Prime Consulting, Architecture, Interior Design, Construction Contract Administration

The Hospice at Glengarda project is dedicated to providing a comforting and supportive environment for individuals in need during challenging times. The project included extensive renovations to the existing building, a substantial 2,400 sq. ft. addition, the inclusion of a larger elevator, and significant landscaping improvements.

The overarching vision is to create a hospice that feels like a home, fostering peace and comfort. Nature serves as a central theme in the design, with a focus on addressing the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of both residents and their families. The facility is organized into different wings, each named after a genus, offering a range of private and communal spaces. Spacious resident rooms and multi-purpose areas accommodate private gatherings, while central kitchens and living rooms encourage casual interaction and organized events. Patio and balcony spaces provide access to the outdoors, reinforcing the connection to nature. The incorporation of regional flora and fauna imagery on recognition plaques and warm-toned vinyl that resembles wood contributes to a residential feel within the healthcare environment. Light colors, rich tones, and various textures in stones, tiles, and fabrics create a calming atmosphere, while large windows allow for natural light and scenic views.

Overall, the Hospice at Glengarda blends comfort, serenity, and functionality harmoniously.

Photo Credit:

King Rose Visuals