Saskatoon, SK

Lakefield LLP Office

Project Details






6,700 sq. ft.


Prime Consulting, Architecture, Interior Design, Construction Contract Administration

Located on the fourth floor of River Centre I in the central River Landing area of Saskatoon, Lakefield LLP (formerly WMCZ)’s office features a modern design that effectively utilizes the existing three sides of window exposure. The open-concept layout strategically incorporates perimeter offices to maximize access to natural light. Situated in the North-East corner of the River Centre building, the boardroom provides stunning views of Saskatoon’s riverfront, with glass-front perimeter offices occupying the remaining two sides. Full-height glass walls enable ample natural daylight to penetrate the core of the office space.

Both public and private areas seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology into the modern aesthetic. The reception area features a prominently placed backlit mural, accompanied by a sizable touch-screen Smart Table and an automatic sliding glass door. Notably, the corridor off the reception hosts three glass-front meeting rooms with privacy-adjustable switch glass, transitioning from opaque to translucent at the flip of a switch.

The floor plan optimizes circulation space with a neutral colour palette, abundant glass, and low-height partitions, ensuring an overall spacious ambiance. Thoughtfully integrated pops of colour and texture in feature wall paint, tile, and walnut veneer paneling enhance the aesthetic appeal. This harmonious blend of elements is most evident in the staffroom, positioned as the true ‘oasis of the office.’ This central space benefits from borrowed daylight through south-facing glass, creating an inviting gathering place for all users.

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