Mistawasis First Nation, SK

Mistawasis Health Centre

Project Details


$1.7 Million


March 2011


6,770 sq. ft.


Prime Consulting, Architecture, Interior Design, Construction Contract Administration

Located on the fringe of Northern Saskatchewan’s boreal forest, the Mistawasis Health Centre is embedded in endless rolling hills, clusters of birch, lakes, and ponds. Drawing inspiration from the stunning natural landscape, the design team created a building that features warmth and intimacy while synonymously exhibiting a clean
and modern aesthetic.

The project, rooted in an integrated design approach, was driven by the Mistawasis First Nation leaders’ vision to create a building that serves as a first-stop in the community for urgent care medical services as well as an active tool in promoting the importance of health and wellbeing.
Through the adoption of a holistic approach to community well-being, the Health Centre integrates conventional medical treatment rooms with tub therapy/treatment and culturally focused spaces. The facility features exam/consultation rooms, treatment rooms, offices for Mental Health/Holistic Health Services, and an Elder Conference Room with unique integrated window-seating and lighting fixtures evoking planetary spheres, and a stone tile smudging circle. A community health promotion room and kitchen are designed to encourage interactions and synergies within the building and throughout the community.

Architecturally, the building is comprised of wood-framed exterior walls clad in brick and charcoal metal siding, wood roof trusses. The feature canopy’s exposed glulam columns and beams provide the exterior with visual interest and warmth and are mimicked throughout the interior of the building. The combination of natural, diffused light and earth-tone finishes, both on the interior and exterior, further enhance the building’s responsiveness to its natural surroundings.

Awards and Publications

  • Premier’s Award of Excellence in Design, Award of Merit (2011)