Saskatoon, SK

Point 9 Building Tenant Improvements

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Prime Consulting, Architecture, Interior Design, Construction Contract Administration

aodbt was responsible for multiple tenant improvements within the Point 9 Building, located in Saskatoon’s University Heights neighbourhood.

Associated Radiologists

Associated Radiologists, a trusted provider of medical imaging services in Saskatchewan, engaged aodbt to design their clinic within the Point 9 Building. This clinic encompasses various medical imaging rooms, including ultrasound, mammography, and x-ray, with a focus on optimizing patient flow, waiting areas, and staff workspaces. The design prioritized patient privacy, offering dedicated waiting areas for both patients and their families, especially beneficial for those seeking a tranquil environment before and after mammography testing. The inclusion of small changing rooms and adjacent lockers enhanced functionality. Design elements such as vinyl tile flooring, accessible washrooms, and accent lighting were carefully chosen to create a welcoming and less clinical atmosphere. Thoughtful selection of furniture, including warm-colored vinyl seats and side tables in waiting rooms, complemented the overall interior design themes.

Saskatoon Orthopedic + Sports Medicine Center

This Saskatoon Orthopedic + Sports Medicine Center was designed to encourage collaboration among diverse sports and medical professionals within a single building. A central focus was on creating distinct yet interconnected tenant spaces to enhance accessibility and synergy. The building features a bright, two-story atrium with natural light, vibrant corporate branding colours, and various textures and materials to define different zones. The core of the building houses assessment rooms and dedicated charting areas for surgeons, with varying light levels creating a dynamic clinic space. Alcoves with different colours and textures serve as non-traditional satellite workspaces, and purposeful graphics add a layer of design detail to the collaborative environment.

ZONE Sports Physiotherapy

ZONE Sports Physiotherapy offers specialized services in sports injuries, work-related injuries, rehabilitation, and more. The clinic includes a reception area, private treatment rooms, staff support spaces, and a spacious gymnasium designed for exercise and rehabilitation. The design seamlessly integrates these areas to promote cohesion and reflect ZONE’s commitment to health and wellness.

Dr. Brad Selk’s Physiatry Clinic

Dr. Brad Selk’s Physiatry Clinic assembles a team of professionals specializing in nerve, muscle, and bone injuries, with expertise in physical medicine and rehabilitation. The design incorporates vibrant colors and comfortable finishes to create a contemporary and inviting atmosphere for clients while ensuring functionality for clinic staff. Opaque film on the treatment room doors preserves client privacy, and wall applications reinforce branding and offer educational information about Physiatry.