Waldhiem, SK

Shekinah Retreat Centre

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The Shekinah Retreat Centre, nestled in a picturesque valley along the North Saskatchewan River, stands as a truly distinctive architectural gem. Its design, characterized by simple yet robust timber elements, is mirrored in smaller structures scattered throughout the Shekinah grounds, including viewing platforms, shelters, and other structures seamlessly blending into the natural landscape.

The Shekinah Retreat Centre exudes a warm and welcoming ambiance for both the community and its visitors. An interesting facet of its construction lies in its use of recycled lumber sourced from vanishing grain elevators in the surrounding landscape. The Centre was built using recycled components and materials from the Poole Elevator in Dundurn, Saskatchewan. The main level’s floor slab, measuring 55’x110′, is crafted from the smoothed slabs of an elevator cribbed side, evoking the heritage charm of a Mennonite gathering place. The elevator’s crossbracing, weathered to a beautiful texture by years of grain storage, is repurposed for accents and furniture. Additionally, local fieldstone from farmers’ fields adorns the exterior lower level, creatively utilizing stone piles.

The Shekinah Retreat Centre is designed to cater to a diverse range of user groups, offering a variety of accommodations. These include the Timber Lodge, capable of hosting 180 people for banquets and accommodating 84 overnight guests, the Chalet with a meeting room for 100, two cabins for up to ten occupants each, and nine shanty tents comfortably sleeping eight each.