We are committed to adopting a holistic approach to sustainable design. Our team focuses on enhancing the user-experience by creating better places to live, play, and work.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of sustainable design should be embraced at the outset by all members of a project and should be a mindset that plays a part in all aspects of a building. It should not simply be a piecemeal application of a few energy saving ideas.

In its truest form, sustainable design should take into account the life-cycle of a project, identifying sustainable strategies relating to the site, building envelope, system design, construction methodology, material selection and on-going occupancy and maintenance.

The team at aodbt takes sustainability to heart. 

It is significant that we have chosen to develop our own office building to a LEED Silver standard. The process of working through the design and construction (renovation) of an old warehouse building to this high standard of sustainability has meant that we have to make the same tough decisions that our clients are faced with as they consider how to use resources responsibly.

aodbt is not just talk. We are walking the walk with our own project and are happy to share that experience with you.

Our Leadership

aodbt is a provincial leader in integrating sustainable design goals within our building design principles. Sustainable design does not always simply address building energy management or reduction. A sustainable building will also reduce the use of harmful chemicals, integrate recycled materials, use resources responsibly, and consider the human experience to create a better place to live and work. These places, if designed better, are more comfortable and efficient, which in turn can increase job satisfaction and productivity.

aodbt has played an active role in helping clients achieve sustainability goals, whether it be achieving LEED Gold Certification or working toward net-zero operations in a rural community. We have worked with our clients to successfully integrate rainwater harvesting systems, solar power generation, increased building envelope performance, and human-centered designs that reflect ever-changing industry best practices.