Saskatoon, SK

Bethlehem Catholic High School

Project Details


$22.1 Million


January 2008


98,812 sq. ft.


Prime Consulting, Architecture, Interior Design, Construction Contract Administration

Bethlehem Catholic High School, designed and built to serve approximately 1000 students, is located on a 68-acre multi-district park, with 13.5 acres dedicated to the High School. Bethlehem shares the site’s amenities with Tommy Douglas Collegiate and the Shaw Centre, allowing for a shared mix of recreational uses.

The goal throughout the entire design process was to develop a school that functions well both during and after school hours. The design of each space throughout the school reflects that intent to support flexibility and multi-occupant, multi-use activities for both students and the public.

This is first reflected in Bethlehem’s commons area. This central gathering space acts as a meeting place for students throughout the day and a community meeting place after school hours. The commons area is large enough to seat the entire student population. The school’s distinctive circular chapel and the symbolic glass ‘star’ above the school’s commons area highlight its identity as a Catholic school.

One of the main focuses of the school is to provide quality spaces to support the performing arts. This has been achieved through an integrated performing arts area that includes a 300-seat theatre with advanced lighting and sound, a large stage, a music room, and a media studio. To follow the model of flexibility, the stage in the theatre opens to the stage in the commons area, allowing for a physical relationship between the two spaces. Bethlehem’s instructional space for practical and applied arts (home economics and industrial arts) features a flexible, open floor plan that can be adapted for several uses.

The school also has one large gymnasium with access to a shared auxiliary gymnasium. There is a glass-enclosed weight room in the mezzanine over Bethlehem’s main gym. The use of the glass wall system in the gymnasium and weight room allows for transparency and brings ample natural light into the spaces.

The school embraces the latest technology to provide an enhanced learning environment. Each classroom is equipped with a smartboard and data projector; wireless technology is integrated into many parts of the building. The multi-media studio can broadcast to all the classrooms, and the school’s integrated sound system offers several options for school-wide communication.

Awards and Publications

  • Recipient of Saskatchewan Masonry Award (2008)

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