Saskatoon, SK

Black & McDonald Saskatoon Office Addition and Renovation

Project Details






43,658 sq. ft.


Prime Consulting, Architecture, Interior Design, Construction Contract Administration

Black & McDonald’s Saskatoon Office Building is composed of two distinct areas—a warehouse and an office building. Creating areas for interaction was key to the culture of the new facility that brings together several different departments under one roof.

The design concept looked to play upon the established lines of the existing roof of the warehouse facility and integrate the corporate colour palette as a strategy to link the facility inside out, creating a cohesive space throughout while maintaining distinction and separations between the various areas. Throughout the building, subtle additions of green highlights not only present opportunities for display but also serve to reflect and reinforce the company brand and motto.

Connecting and detailing the existing and the new parts of the building presented the greatest set of challenges, not only in the details but also in how the design team could create clean and seamless connections that respected the industrial aesthetic while being complemented by a new modern palette that celebrates the new company of users.

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