Saskatoon, SK

Canadian Light Source

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215,278 sq. ft.


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The Canadian Light Source (CLS), situated at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, stands as Canada’s national centre for synchrotron research, renowned as a world-class institution in the field of synchrotron science and its practical applications. aodbt has been an instrumental partner with the Canadian Light Source (CLS) since its inception in 1980.

One of the earliest projects with CLS was the Linear Accelerator Building Addition Project, completed in 1983. This undertaking encompassed the expansion of the existing Linear Accelerator facility by adding research, classroom, and experimental areas. This three-story extension below grade was designed to accommodate special research needs and radiation protection. The facility also incorporated shop and assembly spaces equipped with overhead cranes to support specialized research and industrial activities.

In July 2002, aodbt completed a substantial expansion and renovation project for the Saskatchewan Accelerator Laboratory (SAL), a part of CLS. During the design process, extensive research and collaboration with CLS personnel led to a comprehensive understanding of the project’s unique requirements. The expansion involved the addition of a new beamline hall, carefully located behind and to the east of the existing SAL. This strategic placement allowed for efficient connection to the LINAC (Linear Accelerator) and preserved the circulation pattern within the SAL while minimizing disruption to traffic and rail circulation. Furthermore, it facilitated the creation of additional parking, a formalized entry display, and a lobby area. The relocation of the main entrance between the new and existing buildings also provided enhanced control over access to the experimental floor, improved orientation for new users, and a central gathering point for tours.

aodbt’s ongoing partnership with CLS has encompassed various projects, including feasibility studies, conceptual planning and design, renovations, and expansions, contributing to the growth and success of this renowned synchrotron research centre.