Kahkewistahaw First Nation, SK

Chief Joseph Crowe Governance Centre

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$16.9 Million




37,221 sq. ft.


Prime Consulting, Architecture, Interior Design, Construction Contract Administration

The Chief Joseph Crowe Governance Centre provides offices for the Chief and council members and several administrative departments: culture, economic development, education, finance, housing, human resources, lands, membership and social needs. These departments are centralized to provide improved access and productivity for both staff and members. It boasts a new community fitness centre, health centre, and childcare centre.

The building is designed to subtly capture the form of an eagle, which is the symbol of the Kahkewistahaw First Nation. The building interiors are influenced by the name Kahkewistahaw, meaning “eagle flying in the air.” Using the two elements of an eagle’s feather and the sky (in particular the night sky), the interiors hope to reflect a true sense of Kahkewistahaw. In order to juxtapose the angular shape of the building with hard edges, curved features are introduced in varying high traffic areas in the building.

The use of natural materials relating back to the earth, warm neutrals, wood tones and timeless elements are also selected to achieve a long-lasting interior. The colour palette utilizes a night sky blue colour; various whites, greys, and warm beiges are used to mimic the colours of the eagle feathers. Acoustic wall paneling, wall coverings, graphics and textures have been carefully selected to highlight the eagle feather.

Through a series of consultation sessions, aodbt worked closely with key work groups that collaborate closely to create a building layout that served to both foster the important connections as well as separate the undesirable adjacencies. The resulting building plan ended up with centralized Chief and Council Chambers that serve as the key feature when entering the facility with the remainder of the offices divided into two wings. The Council Chambers feature wood ceilings, glulam beams/columns and sit proudly above the lobby within transparent glass walls with several clerestory openings to bring in natural light.

The north wing holds more of the administration and human relations components while the south wing is home to the infrastructure side of the operations. Each of the wings has its own support spaces including a lunch room with a rooftop patio, supply rooms, meeting rooms, and washrooms. To bring all groups together, a large cafeteria area is centrally located and will be a large place of gathering for both the staff as well as the public. aodbt also worked closely with the different work groups to select specific furniture and workstations that best meet the needs of the unique departments. The result was a cohesive set of furniture that both served to tie the facility together as well as accommodate all the unique needs of the users.

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Awards and Publications

  • Premier’s Awards of Excellence in Design, Award of Merit (Interior Design Category) (2023)