Lloydminster, AB

College Park School

Project Details


$24.8 Million


December 2014


74,594 sq.ft.


Prime Consulting, Architecture, Interior Design, Construction Contract Administration, Sustainability Consulting

College Park School, serving Kindergarten to Grade 9 students, was designed as a “School in the Park” as the site is part of a larger outdoor complex within the City of Lloydminster. From ample glazing accentuating the outdoor environment to the unique features of the site, College Park School looks to leverage many natural features in the education of students. This includes a natural stormwater retention area, numerous pathways, and a shared play field.

The school is designed to house approximately 600 students, which can be overwhelming for many young students. As such, our team designed “schools within schools” or pods that act as self-sufficient learning environments.

The school features five learning pods, each with its own entrance, boot room, classrooms, break-out area, learning resource space, and washrooms all located in close proximity. The layout of the school is very efficient with very few long corridors. The learning pods are a series of simple shapes protruding from a central corridor. The second floor circulation is limited to two pods and the bridge between the two main open staircases.

Spaces are designed to accommodate all types of learning, creating small focus areas and spaces for group work and interaction. Another feature of the school is its ability to accommodate after-hours use by various community groups. The gymnasium, theatre, and music room are designed to be used after-hours use by various community groups for evening sports or other events.

One of the Lloydminster Public School Division’s visions for the school was to create a stimulating learning environment for the students. The use of texture and translucent wall panels, in conjunction with clear and coloured glazing, allows ample access to natural sunlight.

The school is designed to achieve LEED Silver Certification. Energy efficiency is incorporated into the design of the school and its systems. Solarwall is incorporated in the wall cladding on the south-facing gymnasium wall. The south-facing wall also allows the pre-heading of vitalization air in the colder months. Translucent panels are incorporated into most south- and west-facing fenestration. Other elements also include LED lights that utilize daylight harvesting technologies, controlling fan power, carbon dioxide sensors, and control schedules.

With the support of many community groups and corporations, the school also includes an observatory with digital imaging and Photovoltaic installations for solar power generation.

Awards and Publications

  • Premier’s Awards of Excellence in Design, Honourable Mention – Architecture (2015)