Prince Albert, SK

Diamond North Credit Union, Prince Albert Branch

Project Details


$1.3 Million




6,200 sq. ft.


Prime Consulting, Architecture, Interior Design, Construction Contract Administration

The Diamond North Credit Union building, originally a conventional commercial strip mall, underwent a remarkable transformation to become an inviting, modern, and spacious environment for both its staff and members.

The design concept centered on the idea of a grand banking hall, achieved through the exposure of the existing ceiling structure and the strategic use of elements like teller desks, bench seating, and plantings to delineate and facilitate natural circulation. The design seamlessly integrates client-accessible public offices for meetings while discreetly positioning controlled spaces such as the boardroom, staffroom, and washrooms. The interior finishes, characterized by shades of blue, faceted glazed office partitions, and natural wood accents, were carefully chosen to align with Diamond North Credit Union’s branding strategy, paying tribute to its northern roots.

Externally, Diamond North Credit Union had a mandate to incorporate its corporate branding imagery into the building’s exterior. This involved replacing outdated brick and metal cladding with panels that incorporated the iconic “diamond facets,” turning the once inconspicuous strip mall into an eye-catching structure. Some panels were perforated to enhance the faceted theme while also providing privacy, solar shading, and security to meeting rooms, staff areas, and offices.

The result is a bright and open-concept space that allows natural light to permeate all work areas, fostering a more open and personalized experience between staff and members. The renovation successfully marries functionality with aesthetics, creating a contemporary and welcoming environment within a building that was once a conventional strip mall.

Photo Credit:

King Rose Visuals