Swift Current, SK

École Centennial

Project Details


$23 Million


August 2014


68,728 sq.ft.


Prime Consulting, Architecture, Interior Design, Construction Contract Administration, Sustainability Consulting

Designed as part of the Swift Current Integrated Facility, aodbt was engaged as the Prime Coordinating Consultant for the Swift Current Joint-Use School, a partnership between the Ministry of Education, Chinook School Division, and Holy Trinity Catholic School Division. The new Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 8 school was designed as the first fully integrated joint-use education facility in Saskatchewan and set a precedent for future joint-use facilities throughout the province. aodbt was responsible for the design of the École Centennial component, coordinating integrated and shared components, overseeing the whole consultant team, and providing construction administration services for the entire facility.

As a joint school, there are a number of shared components that have a cohesive design between the two schools. The goal was to creative cohesion while also maintaining a sense of independence for both divisions. To make École Centennial unique, a distinct aesthetic is carried from the exterior to the interior, branding the school in bold blues, whites, and greys. The incorporation of coloured glass and sleek, modern finishes sets this school apart from all others.

Flexibility was a key design component; stairways and corridors were creatively designed as break out rooms and flexible space. The main floor is highlighted by a “Carrefour” (Crossroads) space which is the heart of the school. This provides additional program space for École Centennial students that can be used for a variety of activities when the school’s shared gymnasium is in use.

The library, Practical and Applied Arts space, band rooms, and a childcare centre are shared between École Centennial School and All Saints Catholic School.

This project has achieved LEED Silver Certification.