Bethune Mine, SK

K+S Potash Canada, Administration and Operations Buildings

Project Details




February 2016


Operations Building: 57.629 sq. ft., Administration Building: 44,648 sq. ft.


Prime Consulting, Architecture, Interior Design, Construction Contract Administration

This project consists of two buildings at K+S Potash Canada’s Bethune mine. The Administration Building comprises of emergency response vehicle bays (ambulance and fire truck), first aid, training spaces, offices, conference spaces, meeting rooms, shower and change facilities, lunch room, and security (main access point to the plant). The Operations Building houses many functions, including main control room for the plant, laboratories, training centre, staff room, contractor permitting, maintenance and repair shops (ranging from major equipment rebuild to small electrical), paint booth, metalworking area, FRP (plastics) area, tool crib, drive-thru wash bay, and welding. The shop areas have a combination of 5-ton jib cranes and 10-ton mobile cranes. Special mechanical provisions have been incorporated into the design to meet the many requirements around containment of chemicals and solvents.

Due to the highly corrosive environment that comes with mining potassium chloride, our team worked in close collaboration with the owner team and construction team to identify and select building materials and related systems that would provide longer service life. The building is a structural steel frame, painted with epoxy coating, with a pre-finished metal sandwich panel exterior. PVC Windows were selected as aluminium windows would corrode in this environment.

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