Saskatoon, SK

LUXE on Broadway

Project Details


$20 Million




59,201 sq. ft.


Architecture, Interior Design

LUXE is an elegant, contemporary high-rise condominium development located in Saskatoon’s vibrant Broadway neighbourhood in Saskatchewan. Developing a multi-unit condominium within this lively community required careful consideration of the neighbourhood’s unique character.

In collaboration with Meridian Development, aodbt created a design that harmonizes with the neighbourhood’s aesthetic, drawing inspiration from the two-story commercial buildings along the street. A distinctive load-bearing steel stud system, coupled with cast-in-place concrete slabs, achieves a balance between spacious urban living and the necessary infrastructure for mechanical and electrical systems. Each unit is thoughtfully designed to optimize solar orientation and the efficiency of stacked plumbing systems.

The building’s exterior seamlessly blends masonry with EFIS systems, incorporating metal and ceramic accents at street level to define entry points and create focal points around select display windows. This integration ensures that LUXE not only complements its surroundings but also exemplifies thoughtful and contemporary architecture.