Saskatoon, SK

University Drive Residence

Project Details






3,489 sq. ft.



Nestled within the heart of one of Saskatoon’s most historic neighborhoods, this unique residence seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with a deep reverence for the area’s rich history and distinctive character. Despite its grand and prominent stature, the design team thoughtfully recreated the massing and proportions of the classic homes that define this neighborhood. This was achieved through a skillful application of thirds, marrying opulent materials with pristine whites, ensuring that the home harmoniously integrates with its surroundings while maintaining a timeless and unassuming elegance. The exterior is anchored by natural materials and stone, infusing it with depth and personality.

The floorplan is thoughtfully organized around a magnificent staircase and an inviting atrium space. Positioned at the heart of the home, the staircase sits at its centre and leads to a contemplative space enveloped by 360 degrees of clerestory glazing. This atrium stands as the crowning jewel of the design, serving as the driving inspiration behind both the interior and exterior elements. The integration of expansive glazing throughout the residence creates a sense of transparency and connection with the neighborhood. Notably, the generous windows in the children’s bedrooms on the second floor provide a delightful interaction with the mature trees along the street, creating a delightful experience of being in a tree house.