Saskatoon, SK

Orano Saskatoon Office

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38,067 sq. ft.


Prime Consulting, Architecture, Interior Design, Construction Contract Administration

The Canadian Headquarters for Orano’s new office space in Saskatoon was designed with a clear design focus on employee wellbeing and creating synergies between the multiple local departments and its corporate head office in France.

aodbt was retained by Orano at the outset of their design journey to provide a critical eye and comment on their current office environment against what the company’s European operation has developed. Both precedents were compared to modern day office practices, and a functional space program was jointly developed. This assisted Orano in better understanding what their requirements were prior to going out to market in search of a new building to develop.

The space brings together areas of collaboration, flexible workspaces, meeting spaces, and a combination of semi-private and private workspaces. Each ‘quadrant’ of the building is centred around work café’s which incorporate varying types of technology,
furniture options, and break stations to cater to a variety of work styles from casual collaboration to more intentional meetings.
Employees are able to work in varying locations from their home base to more casual collaboration zones.

The interior finishes and furniture compliment corporate brand standards from the head office in Paris, France. These reflect the company’s corporate culture and create a smooth transition between offices for visiting employees. The interiors feature a palette of light warm woods, bright whites contrasting with textured dark floors
and pops of colour. The minimalist palette allows branding to be front and centre while still providing a bright and welcoming environment for employees.

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