Saskatoon, SK

Sandbox Mutual Insurance

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$8.6 Million




Prime Consulting, Architecture, Interior Design Construction, Contract Administration

Located in the neighbourhood of Stonebridge in Saskatoon, the new 26,328 square foot, two-storey office building for the Sandbox Mutual Insurance provides the needed space for the Sandbox Mutual Insurance team and is designed to accommodate future business growth.

The client’s vision is to create a workplace that has a strong representation of the Sandbox Mutual Insurance culture and brand. From the project outset, the goal was to achieve a new workspace that visually and functionally aligned with the Sandbox Mutual Insurance corporate values and work style. The building’s vision looks to serve as a sense of pride to Sandbox Mutual Insurance stakeholders coupled with delivering on operational expectations now and into the future.

The design provides opportunities for collaboration and employee wellness in an inviting and comfortable space that expresses the characteristics of the company. The new building features open office areas with workstations for 80 staff, private offices for 26 staff, eight meeting/training rooms, a staff lounge area, quiet rooms, a coffee station, showers, and an outdoor patio. The selection of the exterior materials reflects the longevity and history of a 100+ year old Saskatchewan company. Tyndall stone is used for the base and both exit stairs (‘bookends’) as it is a strong, timeless, and regional stone. The balance of the exterior materials is glass, aluminum for window framing caps and composite panels, and glue-laminated. The building will add style to the Stonebridge community without being too bold.

The building’s interior concept is focused on maximizing daylight and creating a feeling of openness. The new office is bright and fresh with a sense of warmth. Offering a unique combination of beauty and strength, glue-laminated wood beams are visible within the majority of the ceilings throughout the regularly occupied space. The adopted design strategies facilitate flexibility and efficiency of their workplace in the future. Working in close collaboration with the Sandbox Mutual Insurance team, the design team chooses and incorporates finishes and furniture solutions that are flexible and
reconfigurable in order to meet the need to adapt easily to organizational change in the workplace. Another strategic design choice that helps improve building design flexibility is the utilization of a raised floor system for portions of the floor areas, allowing for below-floor access to power and data comms.

Flexible, adaptable, and modern while retaining a calming and timeless aesthetic, the new office will serve Sandbox Mutual Insurance for years to come.

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King Rose Visuals

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