Saskatoon, SK

Saskatchewan Research Council, Geoanalytical Laboratories Relocation and Northstar Tower Corporate Office Relocation



Project Details




Cleveland: January 2022
Northstar: July 2022


Cleveland: 29,000 sq. ft.
Northstar: 14,283 sq. ft.


Prime Consulting, Architecture, Interior Design, Construction Contract Administration, Sustainability Consulting

In 2019, aodbt was engaged by the Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) to evaluate the feasibility of relocating parts of the Mining & Energy Division from the Galleria Building at Innovation Place to an existing facility at 2901 Cleveland Avenue in Saskatoon. This move was part of a broader plan to consolidate SRC’s Mining and Minerals Division into a specialized laboratory and office facility, streamlining services for their clients.

The project involved constructing a second internal floor level to accommodate various departments, including Development Engineering, Geoanalytical Processing, Geoanalytical Analysis, Geoanalytical Microanalysis, and Mineral Processing. The main floor was dedicated to Geoanalytical preparation, a radioactive suite, mineral processing, microanalysis labs, and additional spaces. Meanwhile, the second floor housed the Geoanalytical lab analysis area, departmental offices, meeting rooms, staff amenities, and support spaces. This relocation allowed SRC to reassess its office work environment, leading to the adoption of a flexible demountable system furniture system in collaboration with SRC and user groups. This system promoted workspace standardization, adaptability based on team dynamics, and future flexibility.

Following this project, SRC’s Corporate Office relocated to the Northstar Tower building in 2021, implementing principles developed during the Cleveland Avenue projects, including workspace sizing and the use of demountable workspaces. The project featured early laboratory space development on the main floor and evolved into a complete office renovation, providing administrative and executive personnel with the needed space and future expansion possibilities.

Throughout the process, stakeholder consultation was central to the programming and design, ensuring a collaborative approach and successful integration with the existing building and floor plan.