Lloydminster, SK

Synergy Credit Union Corporate Head Office

Project Details


$20.3 Million




63,948 sq. ft


Prime Consulting, Architecture, Interior Design, Construction Contract Administration, Sustainability Consulting

Synergy Credit Union engaged aodbt in 2011 to design its new Corporate Head Office Building in downtown Lloydminster. This building was envisioned as a catalyst for downtown revitalization and serves as a Community Hub, consolidating core banking, business banking, and wealth services into one convenient location.

Creating an inviting and environmentally conscious space for both members and staff was a central objective in the design process. Sustainability played a pivotal role, with the building achieving LEED Silver certification, a testament to its commitment to environmental responsibility. This sustainability effort encompassed various facets, including sustainable site development, water and energy efficiency, material selection, and indoor environmental quality.

To maximize natural light and promote energy efficiency, the building incorporated features such as glass barn doors and interior wall panels, fostering an open and inviting ambiance while minimizing energy consumption. A remarkable two-story water feature in the main lobby served dual purposes: it acts as a natural humidifier, maintaining optimal indoor air quality, and also provides privacy by generating soothing white noise.

The interior design was thoughtfully executed, imbuing each space with a distinct character while seamlessly blending warm wood elements with modern materials like aluminum, glass, and concrete. The Synergy Credit Union brand was intricately woven into the design, incorporating imagery that not only reflected corporate colors but also paid homage to the local Lloydminster landscape and demographics.

Beyond aesthetics, the building was designed with adaptability in mind, capable of accommodating future technologies and evolving member needs. This comprehensive project successfully combined comfort, sustainability, flexibility, and branding to meet the dynamic requirements of Synergy Credit Union and contribute to a more sustainable and vibrant Lloydminster community.