Hague, SK

Teen Challenge, Prairie Hope Women’s Centre

Project Details


$4.8 Million




16,361 sq. ft.


Prime Consulting, Architecture, Interior Design, Construction Contract Administration

aodbt collaborated with Teen Challenge Canada to develop flagship centers for the organization’s addiction rehabilitation programs for both men and women. Teen Challenge Canada operates non-profit residential addiction rehabilitation programs nationwide, emphasizing mental health, skill development, and community integration. The Prairie Hope Women’s Centre, a 26-bed facility catering to women in recovery from addiction, emerged from this collaboration. The center encompasses classrooms, a commercial kitchen, a dining area, a fitness room, administrative spaces, counseling rooms, a chapel, and recreational areas. aodbt took a proactive approach by assembling a primarily female design team for this project, ensuring a comfortable consultation environment for women and incorporating a gender-sensitive perspective into the design.

The overarching design principle that guided this project was the comprehensive well-being of the center’s residents. Recognizing that many women entering Teen Challenge’s program face substantial physical and mental health challenges alongside their addiction struggles, the building’s design was painstakingly crafted to support their healing journey in every conceivable aspect. Evidence-Based Design principles for healthcare played a pivotal role in shaping the center. The facility’s site and layout were meticulously orchestrated to maximize exposure to natural light and the soothing sights of nature, thereby alleviating stress and fostering both physical and mental recovery. An array of design elements, including acoustic separations, a calming color palette, inviting finishes, and the integration of “cave and vista” spaces, collectively cultivate a nurturing environment where women can discover comfort and healing. Moreover, the facility’s super-insulated construction not only promises long-term cost savings but also ensures a draft-free, acoustically serene, and reassuring haven for its residents.