Saskatoon, SK

WSP Saskatoon Office

Project Details


$2.95 Million




14,606 sq. ft.


Prime Consulting, Architecture, Interior Design, Construction Contract Administration

The design of WSP’s Saskatoon Office Building looked to represent the scale of the adjacent residential neighborhood of Stonebridge and explore ways of eternalizing the work of the building’s users. The design was focused on accommodating their rapid expansion and making way for future growth.

The building was designed to increase energy efficiency using large bay windows into the work areas. The studio space was designed to be open-concept, which was a challenge in configuring the abundance of desks and workers moving over to this new facility. The new building now houses all of their Saskatoon employees under one roof, where before they were spread across the city. A new work environment for the staff was a challenge. By allowing for a large staff meeting room, and mezzanine space on the second floor, it allowed staff the opportunity to step away from their cubicles and relax together, or break out into several collaborative sessions.

The 2-storey building incorporates a variety of components, including client/reception space, studio office space, staff amenity space, and a warehouse component. Large bay-style windows outline the staff workstations, allowing for natural light and views for all staff members. Perforated cladding reveals structural elements, while interior elements help to highlight all engineering disciplines WSP Global has to offer.

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